Welcome to The Moody Moddy! :o)

My name is Moddy. I'm am the page/site owner and resident redhead! Moddy is what my kids call me hence the page name. I am VERY fair, outspoken,bitchy, BRUTALLY HONEST, real, and from what i'm told, funny lol. So let's meet our Admins shall we?!?!

There are 9 of us. Myself, Cat, TheOneAndOnly, Loma, Picklerina, Chikita, Sunshine Rose, Sol & Lady S. All of our posts will show who they were from. This should remove any confusion.

~Cat is a long time fan of Moody Moddy and now our Manager. We found out that we actually know each other through family and now get together when we're able! 2 of our kids even share a birthday! Yes, we do share pics of us together when we remember. :) She's got an awesome sense of humor and way too much time on her hands! Ya'll are gonna LOVE this chick!

~TheOneAndOnly has a great sense of humor and proved himself in our Admin trial. He won the votes by a landslide! YOU spoke and WE heard!

~Vox is still around as our resident Graphic Genius and may post from time to time.

~Picklerina is a friend of mine. She also started out on the VF page with her very own creations. Do NOT cross her! Lol!

~Loma got his start on VF. His creations are over there for all to see! I think you'll find him to be a nice fit for us! He's also the mastermind behind this forum and has brought The Moody Moddy to a whole new level! Any and all website issues will be fielded by him.

~Chikita started as a trial Admin and is now a full fledged member of The Moody Moddy team!

~Sunshine Rose is a wonderful woman with a beautiful outlook and an awesome ability to make inspirational images. You'll love her!

~Sol is the "queen of darkness" around here. Just sit back and enjoy!

~Lady S is a long time fan of the page and has a wonderfully warped sense of humor! This should be FUN!

We have a trial Admin at the moment. His name is Moodman. He seems to have a very WIDE array of funny to share.

We also have a part time Admin of sorts. His name is Red and he is my baby brother. He only posts when his ADD strikes and he can't help himself lol.

We post ADULT humor, cuteness, and inspirational stuff just to name a few. We LOVE the word "FUCK" and use it frequently! If you have a problem with something we post, TOO BAD! We didn't force you to come here but we CAN force you to leave!

We LOVE our fans and strive SUPER hard to make everyone happy! If you think we can improve anything, please feel free send us a message or post it in the "Suggestions" forum. We LOVE feedback! Constructive criticism is not only allowed but encouraged! :o)

We have but 2 simple rules: 1. DO NOT, for any reason, insult myself or one of the Admins or a fellow fan. This will result in an AUTOMATIC BAN! I will not have childish bullshit on this page! PERIOD!! 2. DO NOT post anything resembling Hate speech, racism, animal cruelty, anti-military, anti-religion, SPAM or child/elderly porn/abuse to my wall! I WILL report that nastiness and BAN your ass! End of story! Simple right?!?!

We ALWAYS welcome differing opinions here. However, "YOU SUCK" and "YOU'RE STUPID" are not opinions! Those are attacks and you WILL be banned for that. If you cannot form proper words, complete sentences or intelligent viewpoints, don't even bother! You are wasting your time and ours!

So welcome to The Moody Moddy! We started out as a small Facebook page and just got tired of being banned over such little things. So, here we are! This is us in all of our glory! We're all a little fucked up here so if you are reading this, chances are, you'll fit right in! ;o) Please remember that if you like something we post, your friends might too. SHARE SHARE SHARE!!! Just copy the link in the address bar with the post you want to share open and paste it into your Facebook status update bar. This will share the image and the link. Let's bring smiles to EVERYONE's faces! :-D

*I'll update as things grow and change*

You can reach me by email here: Moddy@TheMoodyModdy.com